PHFZ Series High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge

 PHFZ Series washable pleated filter cartridge is currently the most widely used Condensate Polishing pre-filter cartridge in domestic. It’s made of pleated high-precision polypropylene filter membrane, all welded using hot-melt, without any additives, adhesives and surfactants, which ensure high accuracy, high-throughput, high-strength, low extractables and low initial pressure. It can be divided into PHFZ-Ⅰ(7 parts), PHFZ-Ⅱ(2 parts) and PHFZ-Ⅲ (4 parts) three types. The PHFZ-Ⅱ (2 parts) is welded of 40 " and 30 ", is the only one filter with 69mm diameter and integral outer support in domestic.

Features And Benefits

Integral support, with big filter area, long life, high strength, dimensional stability, low risk of leakage, etc.
Complete polypropylene structure and extensive application of chemical;
Using the threaded connection, easy installation, high dirt holding capacity;
Simple system, no acid consumption and pollution of regeneration acid and alkali;
Different precision can be used as startup and operation filter element of condensate polishing;


Power plant Condensate Polishing system
Desalination, iron of petrochemical water treatment
RO pre-filtration, desalination pretreatment;

Technical Specifications

Filter Media: Polypropylene
Center Core: Reinforced Polypropylene
Outside Diameter: 69mm, 65mm(PHFZ-Ⅲ (4 parts))
Length: 70"
Connection Type: Thread
Connection size: 1 1/2"-12(Internal thread ), M33×1.5(external thread), (Customized as customers’ request)
Bottom Thread: 3/8, M6, M8, M10

Filter Perormance

Micron: 1-10μm
Filter area: 6.5㎡
Maximum Operating Temperature: 85℃
Maximum Operating Differential Pressure: 3.0bar, 60℃
Maximum Operating Differential Pressure(reverse direction): 2.1 bar,21 ℃
Design Flow Rate: 3.5m³/h~4.5m³h (Recommended 3.9m3/h)
Inlet water quality: <2000 ppb
Backwash water and gas: Under the pressure of 1.36-2.1 bar, each filter backwash water 0.45-0.65 m3 / h, Backwash gas 3.4-5 m3 / h, can achieve the desired effect.
600MW supercritical and ultra-supercritical 1000MW units, respectively recommended use 4μm,1μm 70 "filter element, when debugging startup recommend 10μm filter element.

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