PHFLH Series High Temperature High Flow Filter Cartridge

 PHFLH Series High Flow Filter Cartridge is made of diameter 6 "(152mm), single open end, without inner core, inside to outside flow direction. Filter media and support are made of high temperature materials, can long-term use under the conditions of 120 ℃. End caps and filter layer using hot-melt welding, no bonding agent, with a wide range of chemical compatibility, can be applied to various fields.

Features And Benefits

High temperature filter media guarantee good filtration efficiency in high temperature environment
Inside to outside flow direction keeps all of the contamination catched.
Graded pore debsity provide excellent dirt holding capacity and low flow resistance.


High-temperature condensate treatment .
Various high-temperature process water treatment .

Technical Specifications

OD: 6" (152.4mm)
Length: 20"/40"/60"
Filtration area: 7 m2/40"