PHFK Series High Flow Filter Cartridge

 PHFK Series High Flow Filter Cartridge is made of diameter 6 "(152.4mm) and pleated design, with high-strength pp center core, outside to inside flow direction. Outer cage have two types: integral pp cage and polyester mesh.

Features And Benefits

Outer cage is one piece.
Filtration systems are 50% smaller than typical size system .
Gradient aperture deep polypropylene fiber filter media, aperture along the fluid motion direction becomes smaller, levels intercept different sizes particles, which has excellent dirt holding capacity and low flow resistance .


● RO pre-filtration, desalination pretreatment and a variety of process water filtration;
● Power plant supplementary water, condensation water, coolant filtration;
● Biopharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical raw materials, solvents, water filtration;
● Petrochemical industry various solvents, quench water, brine and other chemicals filtration

Technical Specifications

OD: 6" (152.4mm)
Length: 40"
Filtration area: 6 m2/40"

Material Structure

Filter Perormance

Rating Curve

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