PLZ-PPL Series Economy Pleated PP Filter Cartridge
PLZ-PPL series pleated PP filter is Economy type for general application. with filtration efficiency about 95%. [MORE]
HPPV Series High Dirt Holding Capacity PP Filter Cartridge
The HPPV series filter cartridge is made of multi-layers nanofiber materials. The coarse-to-fine gradient aperture multi-stage retention feature makes the filter has stronger dirt holding capacity, which can effectively improve the surface clogging problem and extend filter service life. It is suitable for filtration of high suspended particles, colloids, and high viscosity liquids.[MORE]
PPL Series Economical High Precision Polypropylene Filter
The PPL series filter make high-precision and low-cost filtration a reality, with excellent retention. Its high flow rate and high dirt content make it a cost effective pre-filter.[MORE]
PPH Series Absolute Micron Polypropylene(PP) Filter Cartridge
PPH series pleated polypropylene(PP) filter cartridge adopts double-layers gradient precision polypropylene membrane, which has high dirt content, long service life and high efficiency. The inner layer uses nanofiber material to ensure filtration efficiency.[MORE]