130 Series High Flow Filter Cartridge
The 130 series filter cartridge is suitable for clarified liquid filtration and sterilization filtration in pharmaceutical industry on high flow rate requirements. Its flow rate meet requirement of more than 200L min, also exquisite appearance structure. Single filter area more than 2㎡ensure high flow rate and high dirt consumption, which can reduce equipment downtime due to filter replacement.[MORE]
GFH Series Gas Filtration Glass Fiber Filter Cartridge
GFH series filter cartridge is made of ultra-fine glass fiber material with up to 90% dust holding space for gas filtration. Its good particle retention ability ensures gas particle retention efficiency and suitable for particle removal in gas filtration.[MORE]
PLGF Series Liquid Pre-filtration Glass Fiber Filter Cartridge
The PLGF series filter cartridge is made of ultra-fine glass fiber material with depth filtration technology. It is suitable for the filtration of liquids containing colloids, greases and protein materials. Has high dirt holding capacity and good particle interception efficiency to protect the terminal sterilization filter.[MORE]
PND66 Series Positively Charged Nylon Sterilization Filter Cartridge
PND66 series filter cartridge N66 membrane is modified by positively charged group. In the range of pH3~10, the surface of the filter membrane has positive charge, which can adsorb and remove negatively charged colloid, protein, endotoxin and other substances.[MORE]
PDF Series Low Protein Adsorption Sterilization Filter Cartridge
PDF series filter cartridge is made of hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane material. Its unique low protein adsorption performance and acid resistance are suitable for filtration of culture fluids, biological reagents, sterile vaccines, and acidic liquids. It also has low precipitation and extensive chemical compatibility.[MORE]
PFLH Series High-throughput PTFE Sterilization Filter Cartridge
PFLH series filter cartridge adopts modified hydrophilic PTFE membrane, which has stable hydrophilicity and can be directly filtered without pre-wetting. PTFE stretch membrane has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and organic solvent resistance, wide chemical compatibility. It is suitable for sterilization filtration of solvent-containing liquids and eye drops.[MORE]