PLX Series String Wound Filter Cartridge ( PP )

 PLX Series String Wound Filter Cartridges are composed of textile fibers(polypropylene, cotton thread, glass fiber) according to a specific process, tightly wrapped on a porous skeleton(PP or SS support), formed loose outer layers and tight inner layers structure, which can effectively filter suspended solids, rust, particles and other impurities in fluid.

Features And Benefits

1. Suitable for high solid content and high viscosity material liquid solid-liquid separation;
2. Choice different materials configured according to the process conditions to meet the needs of a variety of liquid filtration
3. PP support has good heat resistance, suitable PH 1-13.
4. Stainless steel support has good heat resistance, maximum operating temperature 120 ℃


  • Pretreatment of drinking water;
  • Plating solution, metal etching solution, paint;
  • Filtration of chemicals, organic solvents;
  • RO pre-filtration.

Technical Specifications

  • Outside Diameter: 63mm, 115mm
  • Inside Diameter: 28mm,30mm
  • Length: 5 "、10 "、20 "、30 "、40 "、60 "

Material Structure

Filter Media: Polypropylene(PP), Cotton, Glass Fiber
Center Core: Polypropylene, Stainless steel 304/316

Filter Perormance

  • Micron: 0.5μm, 1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, 50μm, 75μm, 100μm.
  • PP String Wound Filter Cartridge can be used in acid and alkali, chemical solution and other non-organic solvent; Suggest Maximum operating temperature ≤60℃.
  • Cotton yarn fiber filter with Stainless steel support core, can be used in organic solvents, oils, water, alkaline solution, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc.
  • Glass fiber has a wide range of chemical compatibility, can be applied to filter special chemicals and corrosive liquid.

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