High Flow Filter Housing

 PULLNER FILTRATION stainless steel filter housing offers wide range of flow capacities and contaminant holding capacities Cartridge filters are normally used as polishing filter in almost all process industries Cartridge filter is constructed of filter housing, filter cartridges, tube sheet, positive sealing arrangement for cartridge depending upon type of cartridge & choice of end connections Positive sealing arrangement for cartridge filter assures no particle migration or fiber migration, even after high differential pressures

Features And Benefits

Perfectly matched to install 3M,PALL,Parker,Graver,Horizon...And other domestic brand of filter cartridge.
Professional design, can be achieved in a compact space greater flow.
Automatic welding seam welding technology, weld strong and beautiful.
The open cover structure adopts quick flange, which is easy maintenance and quick to replace the filter element.
The equipment has high strength and taper stainless steel central rod, that can be conveniently and accurately installed, and the filter element is prevented from deforming.


1.It can be widely used in UF, RO, EDI security filtration and end- filtration, medicine injection, large infusion, eye drops,.
2. Chinese herbal medicine, such as liquid filtration, biological agents extraction, purification and concentration. 
3. Electronics, semiconductor industry with high purity water preliminary filter, terminal filter.
4. Oil field back to water injection, boiler makeup water, chemical reagent, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, strong medicine and other filtration.
5. Drinking pure water, mineral water, fruit juice, tea beverages, health drinks filtering.
6. Liquor, wine, beer, yellow wine and other fruit wine filtration, pure draft beer aseptic filtration (alternative pasteurized)
7. The life and production waste water treatment and water recycling process of pre-treatment filtering or security filtering.
8. Biological engineering, oil refining, printing and dyeing, textile industry water supply and waste water treatment, research and test filter, etc.

Technical Specifications

Filter material

SS304,316L,carbon steel

Filter cartridge size

diameter 6"(152mm)



Seal type

O Type Ring

Surface treatment


Filter accuracy


Material Structure

Large Flow Liquid Filter

Product Name

Large Flow Liquid Filter

Design Pressure


Working Temperature


Surface Finish

Mechanical / Electronlytic polishing, Sand Blasting

Shell material

stainless steel

Sealing material

EPDM, PTFE, Viton,Silicone

Connection of Shell